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Greddy EVOTT Exhaust System: Nissan 350Z (03-06)

<b>Greddy EVOTT Exhaust System: Nissan 350Z (03-06)</b>
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Product Description

Product Details: Designed specifically for use on vehicles with aftermarket turbochargers, including but not limited to GReddy bolt-on kits, the new GReddy EVO TT is a hybrid version of GReddy’s popular EVO2 cat-back exhaust system. It was created specifically to enhance non-turbocharged vehicles that have been converted to turbocharged vehicles. Similar to the full stainless steel EVO2, the EVO TT is designed with larger diameter piping, then normally found on non-turbo charged applications. This will optimize performance in its boosted form, while still providing effective sound suppression when used with a turbo. Finishing off the high flow EVO TT is a heat-treated, inner curled GReddy Titanium Tip. Applications are available to enhance most GReddy Bolt-on and other aftermarket turbo kits.


Nissan 350Z (03-06)

Dsc. Size: Full Dual, 70mm

Notes: Turbo